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Paradise Cove Productions has a long history of working for social justice through media arts and activist journalism. This page contains some of our work from the past 20 years.


2006, USA, Color, Video, 12 minutes

Democrats and Republicans in congress did nothing to stop the criminal Bush administration. In 2008 Dr. Carol Wolman ran against representative Mike Thompson in California as a third party candidate dedicated to taking back congress for the people. In this video Dr. Wolman discusses key issues against the backdrop of the lively July 4th parade in Mendocino, California.


2006, USA, Color, Video, 15 minutes

On October 31st, 2006, protesters from Impeach Bush-Cheney staged a halloween style carnival outside the federal building in San Francisco- they demanded congresswoman Pelosi take a stand for the impeachment of president Bush, and delivered 12,000 local petition signatures asking her to do so. This touching and colorful documentary is a tribute to the day and the activists participating.


Film Set

2009, USA, Color, Video, 10 minutes

Activists from Code Pink and World Can't Wait stage a protest outside of San Francisco's Federal Courthouse in this new video.
The vibrant  and boistrous action  centers on the  delivery of a  formal judicial  complaint against Judge Jay Bybee-  one of the architects of the now infamous "Torture Memos"  used by the  Bush administration to justify the harsh and inhumane treatment of their prisoners.
This heartfelt and poetic video is a strong statement for justice and accountability.


Watching a Movie

January 2, 2018

Poetic and expressionistic imagery sets the tone for 'Ghost Dance',- a dance of celebration for the departed spirits of the native people. The vibrant, colorful artwork of Robert Clapsadle and the music of Hector Berlioz enhance this short but powerful statement.

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